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Strata Landed House

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Strata landed houses in Normanton Park facing the pool
Strata landed houses in Normanton Park

This is a short article on strata landed house.

Strata refers to the housing units in the airspace (including the ground floor units) in the vertical buildings, which normally found in condominium, cluster house, townhouse developments, as well as multi-storey buildings such as office buildings, shopping malls etc.

Strata landed house can be considered as a hybrid of pure landed house and condominium.

Basically, the owners do not own the land. Owners cannot do A&A (Additions & Alterations) to strata landed houses and also cannot tear down the house and rebuild a new house as they share the ownership of the lands with other homeowners. Within the strata-titled development, there will be communal facilities that is governed by MCST (Management Corporation Strata Title). As residents of the strata landed houses, they can also enjoy the facilities, entitled to 1 or more carpark lots (depends on development). Like other condominium homeowners, they have to pay the monthly maintenance fee & sinking fee.

However, surroundings of the house is being taken care of and 24-hr security is provided.

These are the developments with strata land house:

1. Affinity at Serangoon

2. Normanton Park

3. Kent Ridge Hill Residences

4. Parc Clematis

5. Riverfront Residences

In term of pricing, strata landed house can be more affordable due to the strata title itself as owner does not really own the land. For someone who wishes to purchase bigger 4-bedroom or 5-bedroom units in the condominium development, they can consider strata landed houses as a replacement as price differences between the two can be small.

For example:

In Kent Ridge Hill Residences, the final 4-bedroom penthouse of 1,518 sq ft is selling at $2.665M. While the most affordable 4-bedroom strata landed house of 1,830 sq ft is selling at $2.729M.

**Price and availability as accurate as on 31st January 2021.

Finally, it boils down to individual preferences. Some of them think that land title is important, they will pay more premium for it. Some prefer hassle-free maintenance and condominium facility for family.

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